Spring is almost here, and the daffodils are in full bloom in my flower bed.  Their blooming didn’t happen over night. It has been a process, something that has taken several weeks.  These flowers have endured, no, have thrived, in spite of snow, heavy rain, cold temperatures, and many cloudy days.  I have witnessed their growth, a little each day, until the bud at the tip of the stem was one day fully blossomed.  Although I was fully expecting this day to come, it was a nice surprise to see these bright, yellow flowers on a particularly dreary day.

yellow daffodil field

And that is how the Christian life should be.  To bloom where we are planted. In spite of our circumstances and the challenges that are ever before us, we should constantly keep our focus on the Lord.  We should be ever dependent upon Christ, growing and changing into His image. God can use us best when we are in our weakest, most fragile state.

It is then that He will exchange our ashes for beauty.


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