Mom’s Scripture Minute- Make Life Matter!

Our days are numbered and only God knows how many we have.  As a mom, I know how easy it is to feel like the time spent on seemingly mundane tasks are pointless. It doesn’t take a creative genius to wash dishes, sweep floors, or fold laundry. It seems as though writing grocery lists, packing lunches, and driving to soccer practice are really not important; rather, they all define our role as “Mom.”

While the tasks themselves may not be important, our attitudes toward them sure are! The feelings of longing for something more, to do something more besides wiping faces and tables after mealtimes, stems from our God-given desire to make our lives matter. We long to know that what we are doing, the tasks that seem monotonous and horrifically boring, really do matter in the big scheme of things.  And they do- they matter to God!

When we do these tasks with a positive attitude, we bring glory to God, and that matters.  We were created to make the most of our days, and if everything we complete- from the simple to the complex, mundane to exciting- are honoring to God, then what we do does matter. crop 1 corinthians 1031


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